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ReThink the way you sleep

We spend one third of our Lives Sleeping. So 8 hours a night adds up to 2,688 hours per year spent in bed!  Your physical, mental and emotional performance is all directly correlated to the quality of sleep you're getting.

The quality of your mattress material drastically impacts the quality of that sleep and your day to day activities, so it's very important to have the best mattress possible for your overall wellbeing. Good health requires healthy sleep, and that's exactly what our Reborn Kapok Mattresses and pillows provide you and your family.

Reborn Kapok mattresses are made of all-natural, hypoallergenic Kapok fibers that are breathable and have healthful benefits. We use a small percentage of wool fibers, an natural flame retardant to make a perfect natural comfortable mattress. Unlike synthetic fibers, which trap heat, these natural fibers support the physiological changes in body temperature during sleep.

Kapok pillows and mattresses promote relaxation and restful sleep without chemicals, latex or adhesives. Our Reborn mattress is:

  • Hypoallergenic with breathable fibers 

  • Naturally flame retardant

  • Free from synthetic, petrochemical fibers, foams and resins

  • Unique with healthful benefits that enhance quality of sleep

  • Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable

  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a chemical free mattress?

We Spend 1/3 of our Lives Sleeping and spend at least 8 hours a night sleeping and that's 2,688 hours per year spent in bed! Your physical, mental and emotional performances are all directly correlated to the quality of sleep you're getting. 


The quality of your mattress material drastically impacts the quality of your day to day activities, so it's very important to have the best mattress possible for your overall well-being. Good health requires healthy sleep, and that's exactly what Reborn Kapok Mattress and pillows provides you and your family.


What is Kapok ? Is it a new fiber?


Kapok is a silky fiber harvested in the rainforests of the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, tropical America and Africa. After the ripe pods of the tree are harvested, the seeds are removed and the fluffy fiber is meticulously cleaned and dried.


It is soft like down, yet supportive in its efficiency. It helps preserve rainforests and the indigenous people who harvest it.


No, it's not new, it`s been used in many ancient cultures, including Mayan, African, and West Indian.


Why are not many retailers offering Kapok mattresses?

We are the only manufacture able to design a Kapok mattress with natural flame retardant that meets US mattress regulations. 


Why is more a Kapok mattress more expensive than a cotton mattresses?


Kapok is more expensive and durable than cotton even as a raw material. Also we use the twice the amount of Kapok for the same size cotton mattress because Kapok is very light weight and silky. It does not clump as cotton and it is longer lasting than a cotton mattress.


Why are green foam mattress cheap? Are they environmentally harmful?


Most green foam mattress are made from 80% of regular foam with 20% of it replaced with natural material 
(like castor products), so you can decide whether replacing the 20% of the petro-chemical material will take away all the harmful materials present in the foam.


A foam that has no chemical odor and does emit toxic fumes (out-gassing).

Out-gassing has harmful effects

  • Eye and skin irritation

  • Headaches and migraines.

  • Recognized as harmful by health care institutions for patients with respiratory problems.

  • Over 1 million tons of toxic chemicals leach into the environment annually from petrochemical based memory foams and toxic glues.

What about latex mattresses?

The sap used to make latex is harvested by tapping rubber trees. When tapped, these tress have a life-span of only 20-25 years. Turning the sap into latex is a manufacturing process which requires energy and natural resources.  Once rubber trees stop producing sap, they are cut down and burned or used to make furniture taking them out of the ecosystem.

A percentage of the population is allergic to latex, making our mattresses the best option for those seeking an all-natural product that is also latex-free.

Kapok is harvest from seed pods so the tress are not harmed, keeping them a vibrant part of the ecosystem and our mattresses are hand stuffed and stitched by our employees.


How are chemicals used in flame retardant regulated?


The regulation does not mandate the labeling of chemicals used in fireproofing. The manufacturers are free to use any and all chemicals including those that have yet to be tested for hazardous side effects.


Ironically, the National Flameproof Mattress regulation allows physicians, including chiropractors, to prescribe fire retardant free mattresses for patients should they conclude that the health risks posed by toxic fire retardants will interfere with the patients' well being.


Read more about wool vs chemical flame retardants

Do you use adhesives in your mattress?


No we do not need any adhesives. Our mattress are stuffed with the kapok fiber so no adhesives are required.


We avoided using adhesives because they can be harmful to heath. Facts about adhesives

  • Most adhesives used in mattress manufacturing emit toxic fumes for the first 2-3 years. 

  • Fumes from some adhesives cause cancer according to the IRTA. (Institute for Research and Technical Assistance) 

  • We inhale these fumes for 8 hours per night 365 days per year.

Do you guarantee your products?


Yes , we provide guarantee for our products up to 7 years for manufacturing defaults for our mattress. Please get approval code from us before you return the mattress.


Can we wash our kapok pillows?


All kapok products can be spot cleaned only.


Can we fluff the Reborn Kapok pillows in the dryer?


Yes, you can fluff the pillows by putting them in the dryer.