inspired action, responsible products

Think is the outcome of one young woman's passionate engagement toward human beings and toward her planet. Committed to introduce positive change in the homes and lives of the citizens of this world, she firmly believes that even the smallest changes can have big impact on our lifestyles and the future of our planet. She created Think to inspire people to reflect on the many ways our daily choices affect the world around us.


Springing from an inspiration to educate the eco-friendly alternatives is the best solution for the environment and economics and we aspire to bring high quality product, each REBORN item comes with a product tag stating a given situation & solution in the world today. This aims at creating the necessary awareness in even the simplest of actions we undertake, such as the use of home products.

Think is a unique resource for responsible consumers who seek simple ways to create healthier, more eco-friendly homes.


15% of Think profits go toward philanthropic contributions to worthy humanitarian and environmental causes.