Kapok Crib Mattress (28"x17"x6")

Kapok Crib Mattress (28"x17"x6")


Reborn Kapok mattresses are made of all-natural, hypoallergenic kapok fibers are breathable and have healthful benefits. We use small percentage of wool fibers, a natural flame retardant to make a perfect natural comfortable bedding. Unlike synthetic fibers, which trap heat, these natural fibers support the physiological changes in body temperature during sleep.

Wool is absorbent, breathable and resistant to mites, mold and bacteria, making this mattress perfect for humid conditions. 

This is a non-toxic mattress that addresses all physical requirements: 

1) Pressure distribution and firm for the back
2) Proper spinal alignment & support.
3) Ventilated products that maintains a fresh sleep surface.
4) No harmful chemicals or chemical odor in the mattress.